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1 minute ago, playtowinthegame said:


If watch the Jets offensive tonight, you can see the offensive line is garbage. You could have Kirk Cousins back there and he'd being getting leveled with the way Mikey Lafleur is calling this game. 

Not really.  MW was able to get the ball out on time even under the rush — which is one reason why he has busted ribs.  ZW is afraid of being hit.  

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To be fair no offense could be run by Zach Wilson. Our system while I believe it is superior to most, doesn't really matter if your qb can't see/read the field and make throws.

Mr. Irrelevant Jimmy g all play in the same system and can look great. Mike white who is better than both of them, had cracked ribs against the best team in football and looked good.

This hopefully is the nail in the coffin for Zach. 

I hate that we have to give up playoff chances for it but ultimately it is better than having Zach waste another year.

I'm really looking forward to Mike white b hall and g Wilson leading our Jets next year 

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48 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

What, exactly, is the fix?

Dude - if i knew that, I would be making millions coaching this team :-)

I personally think MLF has some fundamental problems. I just think there is no time this year to fix these problems; they have to get healthy, improve the OL, get faster LBs and Safeties - not sure what the solution is at QB - ZW looks lost and worse every week, MW isn't the solution IMO - funny how the right coaching has gotten Detroit's and Jag's offense to get better while we are getting worse.

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11 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

Saleh is a f*cking moron

Zach sucks but holy hell, he’s getting booed to hell with every incompletion.

Put the kid out of his misery already 

Maybe he wants Woody to watch Zach Wilson getting booed out of a near-empty stadium in a de facto playoff game to teach him a lesson about meddling

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