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2 minutes ago, sciond said:

Can't run because nobody thinks ZW can complete a pass

This.  There’s no respect for Zach Wilson which puts the O line and running game in a bad position.  If Zach can get the ball out quick and on time they would respect it but here we are.  

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

RPO every play with Streveler would have given us a far better chance of winning this one than this mess.

You are the rightful Captain right now.

Yet the ONLY play he was in, was RIGHT when the offense had just found a 2 play rhythm lol. 

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5 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

How do you figure? The offense has scored 3 points, the defense has allowed 16 points. That’s a clear inequity. 

The jags have score or attempted a FG on 5 straight drives.

That's not the offenses fault. 

The offense sucks horribly,  but that's independent of the defense failing to force one punt. 

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1 minute ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Al Michaels bitching about Jet fans. 

"Have they done enough booing?" 

"Not sure who they want - Namath?  O'Brien?  Chad Pennington?"


Everyone can F all the way off expect for Richard Sherman 

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1 minute ago, DireJet said:

I think Saleh is doing this on purpose. Only thing I can think of. This is a signal to someone in a nice suite. 

It's certainly a possibility, but that would also mean that Saleh and JD are now out for each other, and we're pretty much all ****ed until both are fired.

Like at this point is it just a Bowles/Maccagnan remake?

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2 minutes ago, JiFields said:

lmfao.  He is literally the worst QB I've ever seen play in the NFL

FuC!king insane. 

so easy to play vs Zach. Load box stop run make Zach make short easy throws 


mr panic pocket has to go


Yes the line is struggling but no one fears Zach at all from any standpoint. If they did they would keep players back to defend passing lanes and then we could maybe run the ball

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Just now, More Cowbell said:

Every media outlet is going to be tearing up the Jets tomorrow 

Rightfully so. This is why we don’t get prime time games. This will be 8 prime time losses in a row. Saleh showed no balls in a do or die game. Terrible time management last week cost us also. COACHING STAFF WAKE THE **** UP

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13 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

I know, they have to stop playing ZW on ST and D - he is really f'n it up.

Yes ZW has completely SUCKED today - but this O has bigger problems than ZW.

This team has bigger problems than just the O.

No it doesn't.  Every team has problems.  They are not all perfect on ST & D.  Defense isn't playing up to their standard but they have still only allowed 1 TD.  Our defense at its worst is still an average defense.

Zach and OL are the problems.  But a capable QB can at least do SOMETHING even with a bad OL.

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