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Just now, Rich Thornburgh said:

He’s maybe the best owner in the nfl. We have enjoyed unprecedented success with him 

Enjoy trolling the board, tonight. You'll be gone by tomorrow, and no one laughed at any of your jokes. You're a loser. Take the plastic bag challenge. Good night.

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Just now, Zachtomims47 said:

There’s gotta be a reason they’re sticking with him. JetBlue? Idk. Saleh sticking it to the decision makers? 
Something is up because this an obvious move to make. 

i think Saleh knows Zach isnt the guy but there are some on the Jets either JD or Woody who still thinks Zach is it. so he is giving them what they want and make Zach sink us this year so next year there can be no doubt Zach has to go.

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2 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

No it doesn't.  Every team has problems.  They are not all perfect on ST & D.  Defense isn't playing up to their standard but they have still only allowed 1 TD.  Our defense at its worst is still an average defense.

Zach and OL are the problems.  But a capable QB can at least do SOMETHING even with a bad OL.

I was referring to special teams which has given up 2 TDs in the second half and just shanked ball out of bounds and got a 15 yarder on top of it, but to be fair, they are trying to play ball control offense with a superior D. But D gave up a big TD on 4th and inches; ST gave up a TD and Saleh messed up the clock management at the end of the game.

That was my point - not defending ZW - just there are many other problems.

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