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Streveler elevated to active roster

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1 minute ago, bd71 said:

Playoffs on the line.  If Wilson blows, what do they have to lose?  It should be all hands on deck tonight.

I think it's more a product of the weather and the need to be creative to generate offense..... obviously if Zach was playing well enough they wouldn't need to think about something like this. 

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Just now, Coquito said:

I hope it's not a blowout and that's why they put Strev in there to mop up ZacK's mess.

He will get some little trickery plays then he will shine and get more plays and more plays and then eventually we will all be here posting as we weep as he brings us championships and is inducted into Canton. 

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1 hour ago, Anthony Jet said:

Great job by the Jets organization scouting, assessing, trading and re upping Flacco 

Absolutely one of the situations where the fans knew better than the front office.  Most people saw no reason for flacco and when wilson got hurt could not figure out why white was not playing.

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2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

We had an emergency meeting tonight and we would like to announce that @JTJet is the interim Captain for tonight’s game. This is not a slight toward @FidelioJet or any of the six or seven alt’s he’s been using to spam the JT O’Sullivan thread, but this board needs leadership in Fidelio’s absence and I can think of no one more deserving than @JTJet

Excellent choice.  The Committee to review the Captaincy Committee's decisions approves your decision.  

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