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The Hand Wringing and Finger Pointing Is Ignoring the White Injury

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All these threads today about what a disaster this team is would not be on the site today if White had not been injured and the Jets won the past two games (which was likely vs Detroit).  Wilson would have remained on the bench and nowhere near the field, the Jets would still be in the hunt for the playoffs with 8-9 wins, and we would be scoreboard watching tomorrow. Instead, one rather predictable loss on an awful Thursday night has led the typical overreacting peanut gallery on this site to call for everyone's head, from JD to Saleh to LaFleur to the equipment manager.  Things might have been very different if the Jets did not lose 7-8 offensive linemen to injury this season. No team can plan for and recover from that. Ask last year's Super Bowl champs.

Nobody wanted to put Wilson back on the field this season. The statements from Saleh about him coming back were typical coach speak because there was nothing to be gained by tearing Wilson down publicly. Actions speak and the actions the Jets took were to move from Wilson, until the White rib injury.  

Last night changed nothing that was not obvious before the game. Wilson played because that was the best option for a team that was still competing for a playoff spot.  When Wilson was benched 5 games ago, only the most naive and uninformed fans and members of the media knew that White was auditioning for the starting QB job in 2023 and that a solution at QB needed to be found in the offseason. All that has changed was that the White audition was unfortunately interrupted.  Point two is that it is clear, just as it was when Becton and Fant went down before the first game, that the Jets need more work building the offensive line in the offseason. 

The rest - Saleh was outcoached, JD whiffed on some picks, Lafleur called a bad game, and so on - is just noise and venting.   


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