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Zach's Mom Has a Message (Zach sucks merged)

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1 minute ago, JETS SB said:

She’s 100% correct to respond to that a$$hole  that way. Yeah he’s bad, but you don’t personally message his mom and insult her son to that way. No matter how bad he has played. We are the worst fan base in all of sports and I am embarrassed to be part of it. Not renewing my season tickets. Not because Zach played badly last night. Because the entire team played terrible last night and the coaches were awful, yet we are throwing things onto the field at players, and blaming one person for this catastrophe. Our defense gave up 250 yards in the first half and we had a ton of penalties. Was that Zach? Sure he’s bad, but we sucked in every facet last night.

I will never bring my son to another game to that armpit of a stadium with 20,000 dumb ass fans.  Ban me please admin. These boards are just a glimpse of what we represent and don’t worry, will never coming back. I am sure most of you will be happy. Don’t give a sh*t. Supporting behavior like this is a ******* embarrassment. 


See ya next week man 

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3 minutes ago, BroadwayJoe12 said:

Not as bad as bad as a grown man, waiting around to insult and heckle another grown man following one of the worst days of his career. And not nearly as bad as making up a story about being a grown man waiting around to insult and heckle another grown man following one of the worst days of his career. 

Yep, and you forgot about producing a video to attention whore even more on the day before Xmas Eve. I’ll bet Kev recorded that from his moms basement. How can he not have blue tooth ear buds? He was wearing wired ear buds lmao 

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klecko, martin, Chrebet, testaverde, Ferguson, mangold - I could name at least 20 more who had successful and fir some hof careers here.

then there is the most iconic player to play in the nfl broadway joe.

we are not a toxic fanbase. She decides to live in that cesspool of social media sites.

sorry but your son simply does not possess all the tools to be a qb here.

maybe somewhere else, but me as a fan sitting in that stadium watching him suck is not on me

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