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Jets need to start Zach Wilson rest of season to make definitive decision

Anthony Jet

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One of the dumbest takes I’ve ever seen from a newspaper football columnist. He should look up the famous quote about “insanity.” Something about doing the same numbskull thing over and over again.  
Agree... Zach should be positioned as the 3rd string QB until/if he develops ... If the backup to White goes down .. bring in another.

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It hardened Lafleur as part of the equation because Strev just went out there and did his thing. 
LaFleur changed the entire playbook when Strev came in, why didnt he do that for Zach?
Yes, Zach sucks, but Lafleur clearly hasn't built an offense that the kid was comfortable in that played to the few strengths he seemed to have. 

So what offense would he be comfortable in? You have a quarterback with slow processing skills, cant hit a 5 yard out route, takes 5-7 step drops and continuously misses open routes. Therefore defenses don’t fear the pass and stack the box making the run game even more of a challenge. C’mon its NOT the offense.

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4 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Tbf, though, JD did try.  He drafted Becton and traded up for AVT.  He drafted GW, Breece and Eli Moore.  He signed Corey Davis, Laken Tomlinson, 2 TEs, McGovern, Duane Brown, etc. 

Unlike with Darnold, the Jets actually did try to support Zach. 

Would have loved to see Darnold, in his 2nd year, to have this same unit given to Wilson.

Wilson is way worse now than he was on Day 1 even with all the upgrades to the offense.  He doesn’t belong on an NFL field in any capacity.  Not only is he a danger to himself but also to teammates.  I heard Esaison analyzing his play from Thursday.  He said that the blitz he was tagged with early in the game, said it was the most basic blitz that could have been sent and Wilson had absolutely no recognition, and this is the end of his second year.

Just terrible that the Jets could miss this badly on another QB.  At least so much of the rest of the roster has been upgraded.

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7 hours ago, Stark said:

No Way Friday GIF


even if he improves a little in the offseason Zachenberg will turn right back into mr panic pocket the second games start. 

just cut your loss and move on.


sad thing is plenty of us were saying this before the draft. @Paradis @JiFields



JD gets 1 more chance to fix the QB situation. 


I need to move on from Fields.... i was so "in" on him... Gonna be a rollercoaster this offseason

PS. Dude... you stared Zay Jones vs Sauce over DJ Moore??

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12 hours ago, Paradis said:

I need to move on from Fields.... i was so "in" on him... Gonna be a rollercoaster this offseason

PS. Dude... you stared Zay Jones vs Sauce over DJ Moore??

I forgot to switch them out. Some crazy week with sick kids and our dog having emergency vet visits. 

im sure that’s gonna be the reason I lose other than the browns forgetting Chubb is a stud


yes moving on for sure. But what’s new.  

Merry Christmas - hoping for a fantasy miracle lol. Can’t believe I didn’t sub out. 

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