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*** NFL Game day 12-24 ***


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3 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I don’t know if I was the earliest leader of the Fields brigade two years ago, but I definitely was an early member.  Watching what we did with Streveler the other night and now watching Fields weekly it’s hard not to think we’d be a top 3 seed with him.

119 passing yards.


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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

Deshaun watson 4 games:

12-22 131 yards, 1 int

26-42 276 yards, 1 int, 1 td

18-28 161 yards, 1 td

15-31 135 yards, 1 int.

Selling your soul and all your draft picks and an idiotic contract for this.

Brissett stats were better.

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1 minute ago, Vader said:

do we need this to happen or nah


1 minute ago, Integrity28 said:

What else do we need this weekend? Miami and SD losses?

we want Jax to win the division. a Titans lost helps us cause right now we are tied with Jax and lose that tiebreaker. we are tied with Tenn in conference if they lose at 5-6.

we could do it without them but this helps

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