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2023 Jets starting QB will be ..


2023 Jets Starting QB will be..  

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  1. 1. 2023 Jets Starting QB will be..

    • Mike White
    • Zach Wilson
    • Derek Carr
    • Jimmy Garoppolo
    • Aaron Rodgers
    • Lamar Jackson
    • Gardner Minshew
    • Tom Brady
    • Baker Mayfield
    • Sam Darnold
    • Geno Smith
    • Rookie QB from draft

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1 minute ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

Ranked on most likely to least likely

1. Jimmy Garoppolo

2. Garner Minshew

3. Mike White

4. Derek Carr
















207. Aaron Rodgers

209. Tom Brady


No you didn't or MW would be at #1.

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If Mike White plays well, gets the Jets to the playoffs and ends the season without getting injured again, I think it will likely be MFW next season.

If not, I think it will be Minshew because the price tag will fit, JD will feel like he has inside info from his Philly friends and the Jets can view him as a bridge starting QB unless he proves otherwise.

I do not think Wilson is going anywhere. The Jets will give him a season to see if he can straighten himself out to be their potential starter someday or trade bait.


BTW, Minshew reminds me of the circumstances that followed  Steve Deberg - Niners' starter replaced by Montana, than Bronco's starter replaced by Elway and then Bucs' starter replaced by Steve Young. Minshew was replaced by Trevor in Jax, then traded to Philly as insurance for a shaky Hurts. Does this mean that another QB will outperform Minshew at his next stop?

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I think it could very well be a case where the jets believe they can win now and so go after Rodgers assuming they think he will be very good for two seasons.  Of course maybe Rogers won’t like going to another team controlled by lafleur.  I think white can very well be the jets future QBs if he wins the next two.  It will show that the team responds to him being qb and plays harder than they did for Wilson.

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Went with Lamar. Swing for the fences!

He's only 26 and by FAR the best option out there. Baltimore and Lamar couldn't come to an agreement on an extension, even though they offered Lamar a fricken ton of dough, but Lamar wanted more guaranteed money, so he held out and bet on himself. Joe Douglas can make any offer he wants, and I'm sure he will. If JD can land Lamar, we are the SB favorites for the AFC every season for the next 10 years.

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59 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

The destiny of the jets Qbing will hinge on the next two games.  If White plays great and the jets win both he will go into next year as the starter.  If not other Qbs on the list come into play.  I voted that it will be Carr.

Agree that this can't really be decided without the next two games.  

The difference between finishing 7-10 and 9-7 is massive for the coaching staff and the culture they're trying to build. 

Even the GM can say "yea, I missed on Zach Wilson but I did find Mike White @ the thrift store soooo don't fire me".

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5 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Agreed on the premise, even if it is not Brissette, if it is White we need a legit challenger / backup.

Yeah I mean it’s a shot in the dark but I think someone who’s had some success but might be looking for a job is the right area. Know the board loves Minshew but I could see Brissett being a possibility. Wanted to throw out a different name.

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1 hour ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

No way are the Jets going into 2023 with a guy who has more picks than TDs and can't stay healthy as QB1. It's a recipe for JD and Saleh both to get fired.



After he wins the next 2 and gets us in the playoffs you'll see :)

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