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My Christmas Week Diary


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On 1/14/2023 at 9:58 PM, Maxman said:

@Lith I am so sorry, I just saw this thread now. Man that is rough, beyond rough. Terrible having no time to go through that stuff. Definitely would have been nice to just pack and not have that extra stress.

I am glad everything worked out in the end. But that is no way to spend time around Christmas!

Things going well after your Mom's move?

Adult children were not meant to live with their parents.  Mom has been with me for about 3 weeks, but she will be moving into her own place this week, which will be good for everyone. 

This is what the move was all about.  Mom with her two month old great granddaughter this weekend out in Iowa.  She wanted to be closer to family so days like this are not as rare. 


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