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Braden Mann vs. Tyler Lockett


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11 hours ago, Gen X Jet said:

Smart move. Exploiting a huge weakness of the Jets. 

Its not. Its a classic case of overthinking things. If Mann is so bad, nothing wrong with letting your usual PR/KR having a crack at his poor kicks. 

Lockett has returned punts/kicks in the past and is a great athlete. However, bad punts are often times a lot harder to handle. You are taking a chance having a guy out there who hasn't been doing this all year. Sure Lockett has 'good hands' but in this type of situation, I would not be surprised if he fumbled the ball or made a mistake on a PR that resulted in a turnover, especially on a weird Mann shank. 

Injury. Lockett is your savvy vet #2 WR and security blanket for Geno. He's also 5'10, 180lbs. For comparison, our 'midget' punt returner is 5'9 but 190lbs and 4th on the WR depth chart. You do not want Lockett out there exposing himself to big hits on returns. One big hit from Clemons can sideline him in one of the most important games of the season. 

*Sidenote: I highly doubt he will actually be returning punts. Maybe they put him in if there is a specific end of game situation. 

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