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1 minute ago, southparkcpa said:

OK…..  Lets see what tomorrow brings GO JETS!!!!! Ordered my new tee for tomorrows!!!!!


I ordered a custom Mike White jersey and wrote Fanatics to say **** YOUR jersey insurance bc I’m so confident in OUR GUY. 

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11 minutes ago, RoadFan said:

I will feel more optimistic if the Jets players walk into the stadium in business attire.


If I see Mighty Ducks jerseys, Seattle wins for sure…

I hope Mike White wears a Shawn Kemp sonics jersey and sh*ts all over this clown team. 

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Just now, 68JET11 said:

We have a better chance with White playing tomorrow than Wilson, however if I was White it's only been around 3 weeks since I was laid out, I'd probably be very iffy in the pocket. Glad he's not me lol...

Plus he’s got a left tackle with one arm and a right tackle with one leg. Also and injured guard and banged up running backs. 

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8 minutes ago, Warfish said:

You’ve become a much more dedicated cynic than me Beer. Wow.

I feel our oline, especially the interior has been deteriorating as the season goes on, run game is effected and getting pressure right up the pipes.  Coming off broken or cracked ribs one hit will do him in for the game.

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