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****The Officially Official NY Jets vs Seahags Game Thread****®️©️™️


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3 minutes ago, Anthony Jet said:

Hoping for a change of O coordinator after this season

It's quite frustrating to watch. He seems to think because a run works for 8 yards than it is guaranteed to work on the very next play. No imagination no nothing. 

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Just now, T0mShane said:

I see Team We Need To Give Zach Five Season is full on their I’ve Seen Enough Of Mike White After Five Passes sh*t

Team Wilson:  Took 2 years to finally admit he sucks and some still can't even do that

Team White:  "Yeah he's sucking today"

But we're the delusional ones.

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11 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

I’m old enough to understand the pain but I’m not cynical. Despite what you think this team has a lot of young talent 

Listen I love the team and have been waiting for our turn, but I'm realistic. The QB situation is terrible and you can't win without one, and we haven't had one 

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Fire ulbrich fire saleh, all world defense getting totally shredded.  laughable team, no effort, no scheme, nothing.

Cant wait till we use all our daft picks on dlineman that play 30% of the game next year.

Total and absolute frauds.

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