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****The Officially Official NY Jets vs Seahags Game Thread****®️©️™️

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7 minutes ago, football guy said:

It’s almost like MLF came into this game wanting to get fired. My god


Take trash Saleh with him. This staff is clueless. 

If Sean Payton isn't given the keys and the biggest sack of cash ever given a coach, I'm done.

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Just now, Ghost420 said:

This is a dumb statement this team has some good young talent. need better ILBs, and Oline and of course a QB. 

And safeties, and nickel, and TEs, and depth throughout the entire team.

No idea why JD gets so many free passes for how a guy who's been failing at his job longer than anyone else here.

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5 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

Statistics are not fantasy.

Also it's not that MLF does well, it's that Zach is a*s.  

Are TD’s included in the statistics? And Don’t forget Flacco 

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