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****The Officially Official NY Jets vs Seahags Game Thread****®️©️™️


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Defense didn’t show up today.  They are on pace to give up close to 500 yards and 30+ points.

offense with Mike White just can’t get in the end zone…even against a mediocre at best defense

just saw him badly miss Wilson on a short throw 

Some building blocks established this season, but ultimately disappointing to see the team collapse in the second half.

‘obviously…there will be a new QB running the jets offense next season


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2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

This is shades of Bowles and Fitz losing to Rex in Buffalo with the playoffs on the line

It’s everyone. Coaches, players and oh yeah bad luck. Wrap it all up, put a bow on it, and this is what you get. I’ve been saying it since the first NE loss that this team simply isn’t ready for “prime time”. There’s zero sense of urgency. They don’t know how to win ugly. If the QB isn’t perfect, we can’t win. If our defence doesn’t pitch a shutout, we’ll forget about it. 
The pressure  is causing a serious lack of execution on the little things that usually is the difference between winning and losing.

Growing pains I suppose. Let them lose next week too at this point, we need all the draft capital we can get.
It’s going to be one heck of an off-season.

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White is just not physically able to perform with fractured ribs.  If the Jets were 10-5, he would no way be playing.  You don’t heal fractured ribs in two weeks and if you’ve ever had them, no pain shot in the world takes away the discomfort from breathing heavily, let alone throwing a football.

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1 minute ago, JTJet said:

Ok, maybe the Wilson truthers do have a bit of an argument here. Just a bit. 

No Zach is dog sh*t. Panic pocket, ground ball bouncing, no heart intimidated little boy. 

move on from Zachenberg. Get Carr or Rogers or Lamar and let’s go. 

not the time to try to get a bargain. Get a dude 

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Just now, undertow said:

White isn't getting any starting jobs after this performance injury or not

Let’s spin this. jD asked White to not show up Zachenberg and promised him 30 mil and a competition next year

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