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****The Officially Official NY Jets vs Seahags Game Thread****®️©️™️


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Just now, Jetluv58 said:

That being said, I’m not sure he’s the answer long-term. 

I don’t think he ever was.  But had he not been hurt he could’ve been this year.  Just another example of the speculated Namath curse. 

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No Zach is dog sh*t. Panic pocket, ground ball bouncing, no heart intimidated little boy. 
move on from Zachenberg. Get Carr or Rogers or Lamar and let’s go. 
not the time to try to get a bargain. Get a dude 
So the "dude" can look like sh*t behind this line with these horrible play calls?

Sent from the NY Jets /Zack Wilson Suicide Watch desk.

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2 minutes ago, Be_a_Jet said:

12 years no playoffs. We are the browns. We are just atrocious and doesn’t matter how good our roster is - the only thing that will ever break this streak is getting a franchise QB which is never going to happen cuz we’re cursed 


**** this sh*t

the roster isn’t good either 

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2 minutes ago, Gen X Jet said:

Fire Boyer too while we're cleaning house.

We need a new punter and punt returner and KO returner.  And probably a starting QB.  Do what you have to and get Aaron Rodgers but the Pack wont let him go.  They going to have to find a QB. Mike White would be a good option as the back-up.  

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Hey all of you Mike F------ White fans he sure looks like a franchise QB. You still think he's the answer?

The problem is Zach Wilson wasn't coached up properly by the coaching staff. I'm not saying he's a franchise QB but his upside and ability is higher than MW's. We will never know because our coaching staff, a lot of Jets fans, and the New York sports media have run him out of town. If Woody brings this whole coaching staff back for another year the outcome will be worse. Like Sala but MLF and assisstants have to go! We need someone who can develope young QB.


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