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Early games thread


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3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

The silver lining is that Foles really, really, really doesn’t want to be doing mop up duty anyway. Dude cannot wait to retire


I actually thought he would be a spark for them last week.

could not have been more wrong

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6 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

I noticed during the halftime highlights they never showed the Foles injury and Thibodouche snow angels next to him.

The classy org.

now imagine that was Michael clemons

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Two giants standing around doing nothing and can see foles was hurt.
whiever the other giant is hitting tibs in the chest you hope is trying to let him know.
either way this will be an ugly replay the rest of the day
I thought that was a pretend defibrillator move.

Sent from the NY Jets /Zack Wilson Suicide Watch desk.

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Hate the giants as much as anyone (we’ll really their fans) but happy for Daniel jones.

guy plays his ass off and has always been disrespected.

i get it he is not mahommes/ rodgers but   He is a tough sob and good for him

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3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Ron Rivera is going to get canned for going back to Carson Wentz.  If there was ever a fools gold player in this league it is wentz.  Also a total coach killer


2 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Wentz is done, and apparently nobody likes him. 


The proto-wilson.


Not sure who but there was one poster that was going HARD this past week on the idea of the Jets getting Wentz.  Absurd.  

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