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Can we start cutting players NOW?

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I’m not going to emotionally overreact and claim everyone sucks and we have to rip the whole thing down.

But a rational starting point would be:

1. Mann

2. Berrios

3. Davis

4. Tomlinson

5. Not a cut but I don’t want McGovern back

6. Not a cut but I don’t want George Fant back

7. Lawson.  Nice sack today but too little, too late.

8. Unless CJ Mosley takes a big pay cut, a warm & heartfelt goodbye

9. MLF.  I’m convinced he is a BIG part of the problem and separately cannot imagine how Zach Wilson is infinitely worse now than the first game he played for the Jets 

Ill give Mike White and Duane Brown the benefit  of the doubt due to injuries that are likely impacting performance.  We’ll see ..

I’m so sick of loser players and coaches.  Guys who shank or let punts roll past them.  Wide receivers you KNOW will drop an important pass.  An OC who gets cute at the wrong times and is the definition of uneven.  Talk about no rhythm.

The core is strong.  That’s the good news but a LOT more work to be done and it’s clear where we need to move on.



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