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Lasting Disjointed Thoughts

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This is a 6 win team (Cleveland was a freak occurrence and 99/100 is a loss)

Jets fans made fun of the Seahawks the last couple of years and they just took the Jets to the woodshed.

Special Teams has not been good since Westoff left and this year in particular was putrid.

It's probably cheaper and less risky for Woody to can Saleh and get a proven offensive guy in here to fix Wilson.  Saleh very well may find success elsewhere ala Pete Carrol but he just does not seem to fit in here.

Pray for AVT (and Becton lol)

Pick up the phone and call Payton

Pick up the phone and call Bellicheck when they lose to Buffalo next week

Pay Quinnen and hope he plays hard

Get new safeties

Cut Berrios, Davis and Mims.





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