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No developed players under Saleh

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Being able to take late round picks and develop them and get good production out of them is good coaching and what helps build your team. Who’s that on the Jets? Worst part is-most got worse when they were first seen as pretty talented. (Moore, Carter, Mims?)

Last season was supposed to be take the lumps and develop your depth and young guys. Fine. All for it. 
None of that has paid off this season. Echols is lost each time he goes in. Bryce Hall inactive all season. List goes on. 
They can’t even get their first round pick Jermaine Johnson on the field. Their best pass rusher, Huff, continues to get just 5-6 snaps. 
Throw on top all of that they failed to develop their first round QB even the slightest bit. 
These coaches continue to force their system on the players and preach that it will work and never adapt to the talent that’s there. 

I’m not in love with Douglas, he needs to be a whole lot better but when your coaches can’t improve the roster AT ALL and players get WORSE, then you got some major issues. 

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