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Get ready for Hard Knocks next year.

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Teams that are exempt from participating are:

1. Teams with a new head coach (Saleh is not getting fired)

2. Teams who have made the playoffs in the last two years

3. Teams who have been on hard knocks in the last ten years.


Teams that are out of consideration in 2023 (unless they volunteer to be on Hard Knocks)

Bills (Playoffs 2021 & 22)

Pats (Playoffs 2021 - maybe 2022)

Steelers (Playoffs 2021 - maybe 2022)

Bengals (Playoffs 2021 & 22)

Ravens (Playoffs 2022)

Browns (Hard Knocks 2018)

Colts (New Coach)

Titans (Playoffs 2021 maybe 2022)

Texans (Hard Knocks 2015)

Chiefs (Playoffs 2021 & 22)

Raiders (Playoffs 2021)

Broncos (New coach)

Chargers (Playoffs 2022)

Giants (Playoffs 2022)

Dallas (Playoffs 2021 & 2022)

Philly (Playoffs 2021 & 2022)

Green Bay (Playoffs 2021 - maybe 2022)

Detroit (Hard Knocks 2022)

Minn (Playoffs 2022)

Tampa (Playoffs 2021 maybe 2022)

Carolina (New coach)

S.F (Playoffs 2021 & 22)

Sea (Maybe playoffs)

LAR (Playoffs 2022)

AZ (Hard Knocks in season 2022)


The following teams would be available:



Jags (if they don't make the playoffs)



New Orleans


Seattle (if they don't make the playoffs)


Of all the teams that could be available, my guess is that the Jags would be the league's highest priority so that they can try and showcase a QB like Lawrence who could be a future star of the league.  But there's a very good chance that they'll make the playoffs leaving the Jets and the Fins as the most likely candidates.


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