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Peyton Hillis In Critical Condition

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Reminded me when our family was out in California back in 2012. We’re at the beach and playing in the shallow surf with the kids (10 yr. old twins and 8 yr. old) I head up to the beach 40 feet away and talk with wife; constantly watching them. They start getting a little further away from us and I tell them to come in. 30 seconds later 2 of them are  100 feet away from me. I jump in to get them swimming as hard as I can but now they’re even further away. Now I’m in the rip tide expending all my energy and exhausted a half-mile out.
Thankfully lifeguards on Jet ski’s comes flying out with  a net on the back. Grab my boys and other swings around to get me. I grab the net and the guy guns it back to the beach. Holding the net with 1 hand, my bathing suit starts slipping off my ass. Holding my suit on with other hand at my knees…. Thought I was going to return to crowded beach naked! Did I mention the water was REALLY cold! ?

Decides Terrence Howard GIF

Everyone safe but Thank the Lord the kids had flotation devices or they would be gone. They almost lost a father that day. 
Prayers for Peyton! 

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