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Rank The Last Six Jets Coaches

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I think you might be selling Rex short.  They had no choice but to run the ball with Sanchez due to the regularity of interceptions.  Many of them going the other way for 6.   You can count on Rex for a slick defense for sure and if you gave him a very good QB, you can bet that there would be plenty of passing.
BUT.... If you gave Rex the current Jets defensive roster, it would be very different from the roster that I think Rex would prefer.  Rex loves big and versatile defensive lineman and linebackers.  I think he would be fine with the current CB's but playing press man while overload blitzing might not be the best game for Sauce and DJ.   He also likes to have a SS that is very smart.  One that can call the coverage and communicate with the LB's.  I can't imagine Rex would be happy with the LB's the Jets have.  He'd want a lot more leverage.  I do think Rex would love Q and probably, JFM, Lawson and Rankins.
If you want Rex, the GM would be hard pressed to come up with 3 new LB's and a SS in short order.  

Its an interesting question. I think Mosely would be fine as he played that role in Baltimore. It actually fits him better than the current system. I think we need one safety either way. Sauce followed the #1 WR in college and is better at press man. Reed may not play well in that system though. Overall Indont think the transition will be that hard. We have DL we could move to get LBs. Also could find a few in free agency.

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1. Rex.   Rex never knew when to STFU, but I was entertained. Needed a good GM to help build foster.  Could possibly say he lived off of Mangini’s players.   

2. Saleh.   I haven’t given up on him yet.   I’m deferring to see how next year goes, but he seems like Rex without the talk. He did inherit a sh*t roster and seems to be the only coach to such his first year, but get better the second year. Mangini could possibly go here.

3. Mangini.   Knew how to build a roster, but tried to be Belicheat  personality wise and just pissed everyone off in the building.  Ok X&Os but was very conservative.  He needed another year but I think everyone would have still hated him in the building.

4.  Gase.   I hated him when he was just interviewing for the job and never wanted anything to do  with him.   Could game plan against teams as evident by his first drives but was a deer in headlights as soon as the other team made an adjustment. Couldn’t get over his crazy look either.  

5. Bowles.   Good coordinator but not a head coach.   Just look at his current team when given the greatest QB in the history of the NFL.   He completely ****ed it up.  It’s a toss up between him and Herm for last place.

6.   Herm.   Lived off of Parcells players.   Had no clue how to game plan offense or defense, build a roster or manage a game.  But he could give good speeches.   


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8 minutes ago, Adoni Beast said:

Would certainly be entertaining but then we are entering 80’s Steinbrenner / Billy Martin comedy club sports.

I wonder if we would get a different Rex.  If by any chance he ever does get another HC gig, he may be a more toned-down version of Rex

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Rex…was a shooting star…who took the team to consecutive NFL conference championship games ..but never won again over 4 straight years…the last one of course..that disastrous 2014 season.   The longer he was in charge..the worse his team played.

Plus..he followed up his last 4 non-winning seasons coaching the Jets..with failing as a coach in Buffalo.  It wasn’t pretty there to say the least.

That ship, his ship…did indeed “sail” for a couple years as Jets coach…but then sank like the Titanic over subsequent seasons.

I’m fine with Payton or bringing back Saleh for another year..which should be his last if the Jets have yet another losing season.


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