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Sit some select players today?

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Looking to the future and was wondering if the Jets may sit some select players today. 

Sit Sauce or DJ Reed and give Bryce Hall the start at CB?  Hall had a good season last year and some trade rumors were swirling earlier this year. Maybe protect one of our star CBs and increase any trade value Hall may have?

The Jets signed DE Bradlee Anae to the active roster yesterday.  Let this young guy show what he has and rest Lawson or Jermane Johnson?  Lawson could save us 15,000,000 if  cut pre June 1st. Not sure how that works if he is hurt or dinged up going into the off season. May be wise to rest him to protect cap flexibility going forward.  

Mims and WR Irvin Charles get some or most of Corey Davis's reps?  Davis much like Lawson has a huge cap number coming up. His pre June 1st cap savings is around $10,000,000. 

Bring up DT Tanzel Smart and sit Quinnen. Our best player. Not much to explain.  

Then play guys like Sherwood at MLB to see what he has and Ruckert at TE as both the guys in front of him are making big bucks.

Just some thoughts going into this final game.  Protect the future while seeing what some of these guys can do on the field. 

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