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How Does Watching This Make You Feel Jets Fans?

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Reminds me that if these 2 injuries didn’t happen… the Jets don’t have to lean on Zach,  tank the season, and we’d be resting our starters with 10+ wins today.

The bright side is that these 2 are going to come back healthy next year and JD will have replaced Zach with somebody (hopefully) of much higher caliber. So it’s better we found out about Zach now so we can really get things going from the get-go next season

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8 minutes ago, JiFields said:

It makes me thinks the Broncos stink.

If we drafted Fieids we would have all Four Horseman of the Apocalyps heading into the playoffs on a bye resting players this week. 

1. Breece

2. AVT 

3. H. Wilson

4. Justin Fields

instead we got 3 with Zach instead. “Saddle up Zach we headed to the post season!”




“Uhhh, you guys go ahead I’m gonna grab my scooter and head to the beach!” 

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