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Is This Team Actually Close Or Are We Just Deluding Ourselves?

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2 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

QB: We have a gigantic hole at QB1

RB: Breece is great but he's coming off a major injury.  The rest are jags

WR: GW is a star but he's pretty much all we've got.  Eli Moore is a wildcard but he really has been kind of disappointing.  Corey Davis probably will be gone. 

TE: Our TEs are mediocre at best.  Ruckert is a wildcard but who knows.

OL: Our OL is a mess and AVT is coming off a major injury. 

In short, on the offensive side of the ball (which is the more important side in today's NFL), we are a disaster.  We can address OL with our 1st rounder and we have a high 2nd rounder that can probably get us a quality player.  But after that, it's probably a crapshoot.  Odds are that JD doesn't have nearly as good of a draft as he did last year.

In terms of FA, if we pay Derek Carr, I don't know how much money we're going to have left over to improve other parts of this team.

Our defense is very good but it has holes and our ST stink.  But these needs have to be subjugated because the offense needs the overwhelming amount of attention this offseason.

There are some obvious personnel issues, on top of the injury issues which can hardly be blamed on the coaches.

Speaking of the coaches, whatever low ceilings any of this team's young starters & prospects might have, they are surely going to fail to reach their respective ceilings under this crew's guidance:

  • QB: no prior NFL QBC experience until being hired by the 2021 NYJ 
  • RB: no prior NFL RBC experience until being hired by the 2021 NYJ 
  • WR: no prior NFL WRC experience until being hired by the 2021 NYJ 
  • OC: no prior NFL OC experience until being hired by the 2021 NYJ 
  • HC: no prior NFL HC experience until being hired by the 2021 NYJ
    • His only prior experience coaching offense in any capacity appears to be 1 season as an assistant TE coach (basically a glorified coaching intern) for Michigan State back in their letdown 2002 season.

With such a young Jets team at the starting offensive skill positions, this is the epitome of the blind leading the blind. I know I just made a thread about this last week, but I can't get past this. 

The only experienced position coaches are:

  • OL: where the lineup seemed to change every other week due to injuries, charged with coaching a system that really requires time together.
  • TE: but in 11 years as a TEC, not one TE under him has ever had even a 500-yard season, and the only TE under him to ever reach 400 yards in a season was 2x probowl FA Julius Thomas, who had just one (455 yds) in his first year in Jacksonville. That's an experienced CV of failure experience imo. 

What is it they expected, for the offensive production fairy to visit them every Sunday? ****ing morons.

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