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Steelers celebrate play by doing fake CPR on field


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9 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

People have been doing it all year 

Yea but players should have the wits to realize when something isn’t appropriate anymore. Bad to do it before the whole thing in the first place, but after? That incredibly disrespectful and awful.

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18 minutes ago, Titan24 said:

And Glenn you are better than this who knows what it is…..and I usually agree with you don’t become one that stirs the pot .

It’s everywhere. Not just here. Bad timing, but have seen it with a bunch of celebrations. Hopefully Damar shrugs it off and it will be a non story. Still very bad taste and timing. 

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4 hours ago, AFJF said:

The team PR departments seriously need 5 minutes each week.

Okay so this week just a reminder, no CPR related celebrations.

Also the ex Prince has a new book coming out, so no more God Save the Queen dances either.

That is all.

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bad timing for sure. but i highly doubt it was done on purpose. probably something he has done before and done spur of the moment without thinking. did a quick read and supposedly the guy has been tweeting thatthat he is praying for hamlin. no way he did this in reference to what happened.....just bad timing. 

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