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Mocks Anyone ???


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Disgusted Nick Miller GIF by New Girl

These mocks are bad.

Some of your infatuations with burning  a 1st on horrible day 3 worthy QB prospects is mind numbing.... it's like nothing was learned from taking ab unworthy prospect in Zach Wilson 

Although im worried about QJs bust potential hes the best of the above.

13 should be used on one of the top 3 OTs.



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With the caveat that I have done almost no scouting as yet for this draft, I could see possibly going something like this:


And yes, that's a RB in the 2nd, to pair with a hopefully healthy Hall.  Best RB in this draft, according to some.

I go for QB in the 1st, I want him supported beyond all belief.  Two good RB's, several WR's, several TE's and as many O-lineman prospects as I can add.

Then I pray we finally got the QB right....maybe McKee can be the guy, right @THE BARON.

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8 hours ago, Maxman said:

I can't see the Jets going QB or WR in round one.

I could see them taking an OT.  Or if the board falls a different way possibly an OT.  Tough to tell.

By position this would be cool:

Rd 1:  OT

Rd 2:  OG \ C

Rd 3:  Safety

Let's be honest, this is the safest and most realistic route to take.  Walk away with two starters for the OL right off the bat and a FS who SHOULD at least get a decent amount of playing time in year 1/eventually take over the starting job.  Add a LB in round 4 and then I guess a project QB in round 5 and I'm content.  


I think there is still the chance Saleh falls in love with a guy like Simpson or Branch in the 1st and decide to go OT in the 2nd, C in the 3rd, but at the end of the day I'll be surprised if it's not an OT in round 1(or our picks are traded for a QB...)

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