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Indiana Jones and the Stairway To Heaven [Sign Ups - Closed]


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"Have you ever heard of The Stairway to Heaven Doctor Jones?"

"Yeah, I've heard this one. Back before the revolution kicked off in Russia an old mystic named Rasputin was getting chummy with the Tsar. Supposedly he was treating the emperors son for some sickness. In payment for his services Nicholas allowed the shaman to choose one of the Romanov's Fabergé Eggs for himself. It's said Rasputin always kept the egg on his person from that day on. Romanov loyalists jealous and believing their emperor was being extorted assassinated Rasputin but when they searched his body there was no egg."

"That's right and do you remember his last words?"

"'Fools, you may have ruined my body but my soul will lay in wait atop the Stairway to Heaven.' Supposedly as he lay dying he imbued the egg with with his mystic power to heal any illness and spirited it away to his personal treasury at the top of a hidden mountain. It's just a story though, the kind that always gets told after an old regime falls. From cursed Aztec gold stolen by Cortez and lost to the jungle to the final resting place of the Holy Grail hidden by the Knights Templar after the siege of Jerusalem. It's just something the revolutionaries told each other during cold winter nights around a fire while they drank a bottle of vodka. There's nothing to it."

"No Doctor it's real. I know where the stairway is. I know where to find Rasputin's treasury."

"So go and get it then, why do you need me?"

"The path is treacherous and I need someone of your expertise to navigate my teams way in."

"What's in it for me? I'm not interested in gold and gems."

"And what about an egg?"




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39 minutes ago, jgb said:

Never played and only have a vague idea what it is. Also, I'm overdue for a lengthy hiatus.

Please play, I think you'd be good at it!  It's a fun distraction that keeps you away from the toxic main board, lol.  Plus you get to insult people.  It's fantastic.

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10 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:

So there's a whole subculture of maniacs who barely if ever post on the main board but come out of the woodwork for Mafia in the offseason.... 

This is a thing of beauty.

Right?  We haven’t played in 2 years because Mafia was left for dead, and it’s heyday has long past.  But if we can get back to even, say, 60 % the activity/fun level of even 5 years ago, you’ll be hooked.  I promise.

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