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Anyone try to start a Jet YouTube channel like Mr Asman?

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18 hours ago, DLJ said:

You’re morbidly obese at 400 lbs but there is an amazing market for such a spectacle if done correctly. If you’re looking for a social media manager to expertly curate your large image im your girl

You can actually incorporate your obesity into your content for clicks. People love morbidly fascinating sh*t

Well that will get the original poster excited, build up his confidence, and make him feel good!  Way to go!


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I give the Assman this ... he is persistent and a grinder... i don't love his presentations as its largely reading one-liners from listeners. But i give him mad props for spinning his schtick into something fun for his age. He does offer his own opinions without any fear of repercussion so there is that.

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