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Looking at the Jets QB Options


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4 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

If this is what’s happening then the owner is involved with protecting Wilson too.

why wouldn't he be? When the Jets cut Carl Lawson they aren't worried about losing the Motorola account 


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4 minutes ago, bitonti said:

why wouldn't he be? When the Jets cut Carl Lawson they aren't worried about losing the Motorola account 


I mean if the Jets are just manipulating the narrative to bring Wilson back as the starter then the fanbase should revolt. They won’t though.

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Just now, Matt39 said:

I mean if the Jets are just manipulating the narrative to just bring Wilson back as the starter then the fanbase should revolt. They won’t though.

7 months from now we will be talking about how great Zach looks against vanilla D in preseason and how he's really taken that next step

honestly I'm very much looking forward to betting against the Jets next year 

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13 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:


Carr/Lamar = Zach sits for the rest of his contract. Jimmy G/Rodgers = Zach sits for a year. Dalton/Minshew = Zach sits for 6 games. 

You think Jimmy falls under that 2nd category?  I saw him as more of the Carr/Lamar group.  I suppose maybe you can get him on a two year deal and transition him to backup in a best-case-Zach scenario, but he'll be one expensive backup.  Rodgers would be a great one, but I keep reading about how unlikely that is.  Dalton, perhaps you're right.  He's a long way from his Cinci days of playing 16 games a year, but he did play 14 this year.  His numbers weren't too bad either on a pretty bad Saints team.  Plus if you cut Davis you could go out and bring in his old target AJ Green who should probably cost half of what Davis was making.  Slot him in as the #2 or 3(until Moore overtakes him).  


But yeah, IMO Dalton is a better option than Minshew.  Minshew is just as unproven as White IMO.  They'll want a guy who at least has somehwat of a proven track record as a starter.  Minshew had a solid mini run in JAX but not nearly enough to be confident in, especially for a team where it's playoffs or bust.  If Minshew is the best we can do I'd honestly rather bring back White.  


But yeah, if Jimmy can be had on a 1 or 2 year deal then that changes things for me.  At the very least if we leave ourselves an out to cut him after year 1 or 2.  

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5 minutes ago, bitonti said:

this is like saying bring a new architect that specializes in building a house in radioactive areas 

the whole "Zach wasn't developed" thing neglects the possibility he's impossible to develop

That very well may be the case here. I think Woody basically told JD and Saleh that there had to be a reason we picked this kid#2. We passed on a big trade for the pick  and from the day he got here, we’ve done everything humanly possible to ruin him. He’s worse now than he was in college. Bring in whom ever you want, but fix this kid. We’ll get a vet to hold the fort for 1-2 years until Zach is ready. If he’s not, the two of you are gone.

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On 1/12/2023 at 10:00 AM, #27TheDominator said:

I agree with most of this.  The Case Keenum, Kyle Orton, Drew Locks of the world probably get this team into the playoffs easily.  They need a floor like that and something to hope with, though I believe they will still be saddled with Wilson maybe a change will help.

I am not sure I agree about Streveler.  I think the #3 QB is generally a practice squad guy, so I am fine with him there.  He also may be good to keep (again) as a 4th QB because he can to a good job with the scout team when the need to prep for guys like Jackson.


Yeah this stuck out for me, too:


Chris Streveler should be retained. Streveler is the exact type of developmental player that fits perfectly as a third quarterback. His brief stints in the preseason were enough to show the Jets he belonged on the roster. He will improve with another offseason and fits nicely as the number three in 2023.

Lol, come on. I think I disagree with every sentiment above, regarding Streveler, one after the next.

  • He's not a developmental player.
  • He's not the exact type of developmental player that fits perfectly in any role at all.
  • Brief stints in preseason show nothing, other than he's not as bad as some of the camp fodder defenders trotting out there for preseason garbage time.
  • He may not improve.
  • He doesn't really fit nicely as the QB3 because he isn't valuable enough to keep active as a 3rd QB on gameday and isn't a good enough QB to ever promote to QB2 on gameday.

Easy guy to like, but for the same reason unathletic football fans loved Rudy and silently imagined themselves in that role. When you see an underdog succeed despite an utter lack of the requisite talent, he's easily endearing to the fans. He still doesn't belong on the roster, though. The goal is to put an actual QB in the QB1 role, and (barring an unexpectedly-attractive trade offer) Wilson will be the QB2. They don't need Streveler to keep the ball & hopefully run 5 yards. I'd sooner bring back Berrios (with a sizable pay cut) & let him take the occasional direct snap from center to just keep it, plus I'm not sure he throws any worse than Streveler & at least the play won't be so telegraphed just by function of seeing him in the huddle instead of the actual QB. Also we won't fumble any punts. 

...I didn't read the rest of the article closely lol.

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20 hours ago, Matt39 said:

Are we convinced the Jets are serious about bringing in a real starting QB- whether free agency or the the draft? Or is this just window dressing to bring Wilson back as the starter?

It was window dressing until the giants won 2 days ago

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