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****Saturday Playoffs Thread****


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7 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Anyone that watches college football knew this. 

Except Joe Douglas and 30 other General Managers for some reason.  

 Excuse they had to pick before Purdy played not after 

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3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Brock purdy is being anointed way too fast here.  He plays on a team with a great oline a team with the best D in the league that creates turnovers like crazy, huge play makers like Deebo and mcaffery and kittle, great offensive scheme.

Mike White would look as good as Purdy on this team.

Hush. We’re trying to rag on Zach Wilson here.

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Just now, Zachtomims47 said:

Lol.  Could it be any easier for Purdy? My goodness. 

That’s what I’m saying.  To be honest, throw Zach in this offense he’s doing the same stuff.  put purdy on the jets he’s eating sh!t too

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8 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

Is this necessary? I really don’t  think anyone would ever say Woolen is the same level player as Sauce. 

Seahawks fans on Twitter have been talking down Sauce and pumping Woolen all year. 

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2 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Zach would have thrown it over Deebos head right there. 

He wouldn’t have. They would have coached him right.  Shannahan has done this with every qb he’s had in SF. CJ Beathard, Nick Mullens, Jimmy G, Trey Lance and now Brock Purdy.

And don’t mistake this for me saying Zach should be and could be our guy. It’s a testament to how good the team they have around these QBs in SF and their superior coaching.

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2 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

They are really missing McDaniel, Lafluer and Saleh. 

Shanahan and Reid are becoming the teams you prob shouldn’t poach from. Because it’s all on them.
It’s like thinking assistants from Belicheck were a good idea. 

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