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As a Jet fan , how does it feel watching the playoffs ?

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14 minutes ago, FactsOnly said:

Vine Wtf GIF

I didn’t bring up Zach Wilson kid

your mental illness is kicking in wtf you quoting me for weirdo

I have 3 criteria for quoting posts like yours:

1.) Is this comment redundant, stupid, or both?

2.) Is this poster a clown?

3.) Am I browsing JN while pooping?

That answer your question? Or would you like me to dumb it down?

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16 hours ago, rangerous said:

About the only thing to say is the jets would’ve had a really good chance of beating Buffalo if they played instead of Miami and with or without zwilson.

It sure showed what a difference a week can make ... last week Miami struggled to put 11 past us at home, this week they put up 31 on Buffalo on the road. With more injuries than when they faced us.


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I also look at it from the point of view of the teams that made it but fell at the first hurdle. Are they really that much further ahead of us in the grand scheme of things? Do fans of the "one and done" teams feel happier than us ... or worse?

All teams have holes they need to fill, things they need to work on, whether they made the playoffs or not. But there are several playoff teams that really suck on defense overall, for example, can they fix that this offseason? Miami and Baltimore both have a big question mark at QB - and in some ways they may be in a harder situation than us. We know we don't have "the guy" and need to go shopping; both these teams would like to feel they have "the guy" already but injuries make it hard feel sure about it. Then there are teams where you have to look at the coaching (esp. San Diego, also Minny and Miami to some degree) and ask, are they about to waste the talent they have on the premise that continuity is best?

This is probably why there is so much turnover each year in the teams that make the playoffs ... there are such fine margins between the "nearly made it" teams and the "made it but that was all" teams. Who would feel confident right now that SD, Miami, Baltimore, Seattle will make it next year?

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