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As a Jet fan , how does it feel watching the playoffs ?

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On 1/15/2023 at 10:50 AM, NIGHT STALKER said:

No different than it does every other year.

Thank you.

I don't know . . . are there other feelings to have? Ah yes - remember Saturday Jan 16th 2010  - driving home on interstate 80 thru Ohio and blasting my horn for about a minute when Sanchez found Braylon Edwards in the end zone to go up 14-3 on the cheating pigs. Cars were slowing down and pulling over to get away from me and I didn't give a _ _ ck. 

It was a great feeling. So long ago

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It makes me wonder what the hell is really going on in Florham park.

you have 4 qb’s in the playoffs that no one has heard of and they have played well enough to win their games.

then you have a qb in Florham park that the consensus of experts felt was a higher than average qb prospect and was certainly deserving of a top 5-10 pick who can’t play, gets benched and the coach gives s timeout

i know what I have seen on the field but it just does not add up.

moreso than talent, has to be coaching and the lack of

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4 hours ago, jamesr said:

It sure showed what a difference a week can make ... last week Miami struggled to put 11 past us at home, this week they put up 31 on Buffalo on the road. With more injuries than when they faced us.


it shows what turnovers can do.  the bills are in trouble if joshy can't run.  maiami did a good job keeping him contained.

on the same note i don't know why some people like geiseki.  he showed very little when it counted.

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