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2020/21 HC Search Redo

Gen X Jet

HC Redo  

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  1. 1. Which Coach Would You Have Hired?

    • Brian Daboll
    • Doug Pederson
    • Steroid Pinocchio

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5 minutes ago, rangerous said:

I know I was for daboll. He’s a New York type of coach who trained under parcells and the bellichicken. And then he did a nice job in Buffalo.  Pederson made it known he was unavailable plus their were some issues with Philly and roseman.

He also had a successful stint at Bama under Saban

He was Jets QB coach in ‘08 when they dropped a 50-burger on Arizona with Favre

All was well until Favre’s shoulder fell apart

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I remember people saying to go after mike McCarthy and reading how dumb those people were for suggesting it here.

now those people want to trade a first round pick for Sean Payton who is a copy of Mike McCarthy 

both almost 70, both won a Super Bowl with a hof qb, McCarthy took his team to 8 straight playoffs, and have close to similar winning percentages… I also remember seeing people on here thinking Pederson was a bad pick too. We just hate Super Bowl winning coaches and want to hire the hot assistant it seems.

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