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Jets passing on Daboll


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46 minutes ago, frankiepapa said:

Was it Daboll's great coaching that caused the vikings to jump/false start on that 4th and inches yesterday that may have changed the result of the game...I can't put Daboll in Canton just yet...

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No one is putting the man in Canton. But at this point....at this point....you rather have Daboll or Saleh?

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7 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

No one is putting the man in Canton. But at this point....at this point....you rather have Daboll or Saleh?

The point of your video was that the Jets "whiffed" by not taking Daboll (which you mispronounce his name repeatedly, so I am not even sure you have watched a game he has coached).

Hiring Daboll was no sure thing by many on this board at the time of the hire. Unless you want to pull up a post where YOU were advocating for him. You have that Kev?


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3 hours ago, Scott Dierking said:

BTW, here is the illustrious history of Brian Daboll before he interviewed with the Jets:

-2007-Followed Mangini to the jets to develop Kellen Clemens.

-2009-Followed Mangini again to Cleveland to become offensive coordinator. Browns finished 29th in scoring that year.

-2010-Browns draft Colt Mccoy and it is Daboll's job to develop him. Browns finished 30th in scoring.

-2011-Daboll loses his job but goes to Dolphins as offensive coordinator. Worked with Matt Moore at QB. Hey, offensive production went from 30th in the league to 20th!!! Progress!

-2012-Became offensive coordinator for KC Chiefs. Chiefs finish last in scoring that year.

-2013-2016 returned to NE as Tight Ends coach. yeah, he is making progress.

-2017 Joins Alabama as O coordinator. They win Natty Champ. Caught that Alabama breeze.

-2018-2019- Joined Buffalo as offensive coordinator. Bills finished 30th and 23rd in the league respectively. 

-2020- Josh Allen!!!!!

So, imagine if the Jets hire Daboll and what this board would have sounded like. Really.

Hey, shut up. You’re interfering with a mob performing its doodies.

Only a WITCH would do such a thing!

You stand accused…

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