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Dane Brugler's latest mock draft ... who would you pick with the Jets choices?


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On 1/20/2023 at 1:06 PM, johnnysd said:

Pick 13 sucks as there are usually 10 to 12 elite players. 

@maury77 Maybe it will change because of something we do at QB but I think Lawson gets restructured and stays especially after hearing he had a second operation and wasn't really 100% yet

I just want the Jets to re-sign Huff early.



There's also usually at least 1-2 really dumb GMs reaching in the top-10.   Raiders at 7 are almost a lock.

This draft doesn't seem to have a super-strong top tier.  It feels like a gradual curve down starting at 1 where there's no lock.  

Random thoughts:

If we could move up just a few slots cheaply for Jones or Johnson at LT, I'd be good with that.  Worth it to put a strong player into the mix there.  I don't think anything else has the positional value to us right now, which is really odd to hear myself say.

If we stand put, and those two are gone, it could go any number of ways, clearly including a trade down.  We could use a player at any number of positons, WR, TE, IDL, LB, S - but none of them feel like screaming needs. This is sort of my issue with the picks remaining in this scenario.  Nothing jumps out at me, supporting a trade-down (or trade-up).

I also don't hate the idea of dropping an investment on a talent like Anthony Richardson.  Yeah, some will scream that we can't afford a luxury pick and you'll hear Jordan Love chants, but I think our situation is very different.  We'd have to agree that Mike White is not going to be a consistent starter and that we would be keeping Zach and a rookie to back up a new veteran hoping one of them will grow into a true starter in the next 2 years.  Some will hate it.  I'd be intrigued.


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On 1/17/2023 at 3:24 PM, C Mart said:

With the OTs off the board I'd go DT Siaki Ika

2nd Rd - I've read Cody Mauch might be better inside...So I would probably go Matthew Bergeron or Jaelyn Duncan

Via the Athletic:

Which position(s) will North Dakota State’s Cody Mauch play throughout the week?

A tight end and defensive end in high school, Cody Mauch developed into an All-America left tackle at North Dakota State. So, where will the potential top-50 pick play during Senior Bowl practices? Mauch was exclusively a tackle in college, but his arms are expected to measure under 33 inches, so teams are hoping to see him on the interior — more so to gauge how he handles the move than because he can’t stay on the outside.

However, I wonder if his best long-term position might be center. Mauch doesn’t have any in-game or practice experience there but has practiced snapping on his own. With his talent and tenacity, it isn’t a stretch to say he could be the best center from this draft class, if he commits to the new position. He was the 43rd pick (Jets) in my most recent mock.

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