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Brutal Video - Zach's Ineptitude

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6 hours ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

It’s a fair question and one that Woody and Christopher should be asking.

But if Douglas is fired, what then?

Bring back Ron Wolf and Toupee Boy to “consult” and end up with Little Macc?

Or re-hire Korn / Ferry and end up with another Calvin Pryor drafter?

It always feels hopeless.

They wanted mlf gone and now we cant even find a replacement as good as mlf.

During the win streak everyone was worried that mlf would leave for a hc offer.

you cant make this stuff up

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3 hours ago, HighPitch said:

Zach would NEVER have made it past the first round if the jets passed

It's a hypothetical situation that can't be proven 

However Zach got drafted so high, he did not deserve it 

That's on jd 

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12 hours ago, bitonti said:

Zach wilson makes Sam Darnold look like Joe Montana 

This video has 7 minutes of bad throws from only 4 games 

It's not as bad as everyone says it's worse 

yah. After Trevor Lawrence, none of the draft options after 2 years seem to be head and shoulders above what Sam Darnold was bringing, not that what Sam was bringing was anything great. It's starting to look like all the teams picking after Jacksonville at #1 would fail to land their own FQB. Many 2021 just wasn't the year to solve the FQB equation. Even keeping Sam wasn't the long term solutions, but at least it was a solution that came with a mega-haul in draft picks from some other team like the 49ers. Draft picks we coulda used to try again, or to trade away for 2-3 years of Arron Rogers or Lamar Jackson. 

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19 hours ago, bitonti said:

The players were force fed Zach for 22 starts they are used to it 

Despite 2 years of awfulness, Wilson could have bailed this franchise out with solid efforts vs. the Lions and Jags at home over 5 days in December. Could have put all the bad stuff behind him and the team. Anybody who wants to defend Wilson, it was all there, a brass ring to be grabbed. Moron sportwriters would love to write that comeback story, how the kid came back and sparked a Jets' playoff run.

And over 5 days in December, instead Wilson totally shat the bed. And there is no reason to think he will ever get better. 

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1 minute ago, ASH1962 said:

Anyone who thinks this guy will be anything more than a back up, or back up to the back up should be out on his or her ass tonight. Guy has zero football sense and is Hackenberg level bad.

Zach Wilson has no ability to read defenses pre-snap and his execution is terrible.  I wish Lafleur the best he had an impossible job here

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