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How far we have come, hallelujah how far we have come

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It's is just a beautiful thing to see how far we have come to now being a legitimate NFL roster and team over all. From the front office to roster Joe has turned it all around. You could name a million things but no finer situation to lols at is our first round pick and stud Q Williams. 

How we handle this is exactly as we should as any good team would. You extend him this off season before the the OTAs. This will happen. He will be extended and paid for doing his job and doing it well. It has been a long time since a first rounder was good enough and used and developed correctly with a little luck to be a top player at their position.

For over a decade this is something we would not have been able to deal with. Over paid FA, bad coaching, or whatever other reason (bad draft pick)...

Well I'm looking forward to him signing and I'm even more excited that he knows he will be . Played know if they do their part thier part of the future..

Love it just love it. I know we are disappointed with Zach and his suckness and lafluer and his, but but both things have been dealt with. 

Trust in joe


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