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Zach Wilson was often late and goofing off in meetings


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13 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Can we get Douglas and Saleh back at the podium to speak to this please. What a joke.

If we are lucky, we'll not see Zach Wilson under center next season unless garbage time and pre season away game.  

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2 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Do you believe everything you read on Twitter?  The dude in the video just made that up as he was reporting that blatt article. 

Wilson watching preseason from a luxury suite away from the team verifies basically all of this stuff.

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1 minute ago, football guy said:

He was told to keep off his feet after surgery. A non-story 

Not in the booth with the OC? No earpiece? Gonna have to do better than that if you’re going to spin nonsense.

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1 minute ago, Larz said:

Let’s reverse chuck norris this

Zach Wilson killed Hedwig

Zach Wilson takes money from tip jars 

Zach Wilson took down Toys ‘r Us

Zach Wilson wrote Star Wars episode 8

Zach Wilson bangs peoples moms.  Oh wait, that’s true 

Zach Wilson killed blockbuster

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4 minutes ago, football guy said:

"Spin nonsense"...

Players are not allowed to be in the coach's booth, pal. Can't bring telecommunications equipment outside of the coach's booth OR sideline either... if you could, think about how many owner's/team executives would have their own earpieces on. 

Again, a nonstory. 

Wilson partying in a luxury suite and away from the team during a game is not a non story no matter how hard you want to spin it. He’s been given special rules and it’s obviously pissed off the team. Why you’re running cover for him is strange.

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