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Your favorite player at each position from the Senior Bowl


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On 1/29/2023 at 4:17 PM, Chrebetfan80 said:

Ill add a name to the list I havent talked about


Nathaniel Dell from houston.  Interesting kid, 2nd highest rated wr against single coverage this year (josh downs who i like a lot too was 3rd). Limited route tree at houston obviously and a wide open offense, but the kid is trained REALLY well by a guy I trust a lot and he's very high on him.  Interested to see what he does in this game


ah crap i just stumbled on this guy and thought I was special. lol

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18 hours ago, Paradis said:

6?? oof

Where do you sit on Perry

hot and cold on him honestly.  He's got some parts of his game I like.. I do like how he catches the ball away from his body sometimes, like his size obviously, Seems to do well in contested catch situations.  

My issue from the tape ive seen so far, and admittedly maybe its not a good enough sample size, he jsut lacks a burst off the line, lacks good foot fire on his releases and looks that he has a hard time accelerating up to a top speed.  He gets deep obviously so I'm sure he has a decent top speed just seem like it takes him 15 yards to get there.  

Again maybe im missing something in the tape or I havent seen enough, but I just dont see the explosiveness I want to see. 

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Day 3 was an up and down day it looks like.  The National Team side is a mess, aside from Reed who has been good over there I havent seen 1 wr i thought looked good consistently.  Just very MEH 

The American side is a different story.  Dell didn't do anything today, not sure why.  But Rashee Rice put together his best effort I've seen from him all week which is a positive sign.  Also D. Wicks had his best day as well showing some new plans on releases from both a 1st and 2nd level standpoint.  I thought he looked pretty good actually. 

Xavier Hutchinson hasnt flashed for me much but he had a nice redzone 1v1 period in day 3 with some nice routes and tough catches.  

Mingo from Ole Miss had some nice stuff on tape too.  He'd been pretty bad all week but today put together a much better effort. 

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