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***official*** NFC Championship thread

Green Ghost

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

Man how old is Brandon Graham, I remember wanting the jets to draft him about 15 years ago.

He was a board darling during the 2010 draft season. Luckily we wound up with Kyle “finger wagging” Wilson. 

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8 minutes ago, Trotter said:

Throwing a few dollars on sf ml.

Hurts is off and eagles are blowing chances

Yeah, I said before the first quarter ended I wasn’t comfortable with having bet Philly. I think if they can get to 17-20 points that will be enough though.

We’ll see.

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16 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I didn’t want to blow up @Integrity28’s offseason thread, but Max Mitchell is already better than Matt McGlinchey, who ******* sucks.

All good. I would have welcomed it. Part of the exercise of doing that was the catharsis of putting together a foolish wishlist. Plus, my wife is traveling and I had to do something while my kids scatter toys everywhere and hide half-eaten bowls of cereal in their bedroom.

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