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*** OFFICIAL*** AFC Championship thread

Green Ghost

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Corniest game since Schilling's bloody sock.  Enough with the hobbling and pained grimaces.  WTF Burrow chucking into double coverage on 3rd down and 3 with 7 min left ??   Either team would have to hope the Eagles go stale in 2 weeks.

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I'd love to be in the league meetings where Jerry freaking Jones signs off on these scripts that give the Eagles these runs at the SB....and where they all decided that flyover media market Kansas City ought to host FIVE straight AFCCG and be in 3 SB's in the last 5 seasons!  

I'm real impressed with the script they wrote for the Broncos this year...

Hey fellow owners....tee hee hee...lets haze the new bazillionaire Denver Wal-Mart guys by getting them Russel Wilson....putting them in prime time for 8 games with a trip to London and have them COMPLETELY BLOW  tee hee hee!!!  

The refs suck.  They suck for everyone.  

I mean...if the Refs were had the fix in for KC...they sure made it hard on themselve bey taking a TD off the board in the first quarter, and an INT away on a bang/bang PI call....Chris Jones was held every play of the damn game....they had that to go to anytime they wanted....

You guys are haters.  :D

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