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Who are the 4 most beloved former Jets of all time?

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1 hour ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

I wish I coudl have seen the sack exchange play. I think I looke at the number and didnt think they were all that good must be reletive to the time.  By all the love i imagine thyey must have effected every down.

They were dominant when they were on the field together. I suspect the numbers weren't as gaudy because some of them seemed to be always injured. In 1986 we jumped out to a 10-1 record and then most all of the line got injured (Klecko hurt us the most not being able to play). We finished 10-6 and out of first place. Regrouped, got our guys back, beat the Chiefs on the road and then went to Cleveland and was up 10 with a few minutes left in the game and Gastineau had the dreaded late hit on the QB on 4th and forever (or was it 3rd down?). One of the worst plays in Jets history. That stung much more than any late hit out of bounds because they were deep in their own territory and if we go the ball back the game was over being up 10. Cleveland comes back, wins in double OT and goes on to play Denver where they fumble the ball on the 1 yard line late in the game and Elway has "the drive' to win the game. We were the best team when healthy that year.

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