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Jamaal Williams talks Aaron Rodgers future.


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7 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

I like that Jamaal Williams thinks that Rodgers comes here. Let's me know other players think highly of us.

Also love that he said players love playing for "Hacky sack" - he makes offense "fun"

Good catch. He lit up when he got mentioned "That's my boy, Hacky Sack" "He's a players coach, great OC, players love to play for him and have fun" 

Certainly makes me feel good hearing that. 

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Just now, Green Ghost said:

What a pinhead he must be… You and I would NEVER get a game wrong like that, would we? LOL

My girlfriend and I were in Vegas during that week, and she wanted to bet on football, and asked me for a game that was different than any of my picks. I normally don't bet on the Jets, but I told her the Packers should easily cover against the Jets. She picks the Packers and of course the Jets won. LOL. I enjoyed that 2nd half while having a beer inside the Flamingo after we got something to eat near the LINQ Promenade. That day, that moment, was when I really started to believe the Jets could make the playoffs this past season.

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An easy thing to say right now. If these guys are right they can take a victory lap but if it doesn't happen they can claim it didn't work out and move on. I am not taking any of these predictions with any credibility. Even if Douglas is trying to make it happen right now, until the ink is dry on the contract it's not worth having any feeling about it.

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31 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

Leroy Butler has been retired for over 20 years.

What the hell would he know about Rodgers?

At least Williams played with the guy for 4 years.

You’re actually taking this seriously enough to argue who’s opinion is more credible?

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