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Makes sense.  There's not really a team that is primed for a superbowl, that is 1 qb away like TB was a few years ago.  SF is probably the closest thing to that, but they have two young qbs and are probably not interested.

This likely makes the competition for qb even tighter in the NFL, so it will drive up the price on whatever we get.

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10 minutes ago, Maxman said:


I feel badly for him, he was obsessed with a level of recognition and meaningless fame, for what?

He essentially destroyed or diminished his peace of mind, his family and harmed his children so that he could run around with Todd Bolwes for a year?  Makes no sense to me.  He was a Very Good QB, Great but there is far more to life than that…

Always leave a year early than a year too late IMO….

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1 minute ago, Ghost420 said:

Next week is SB week

Yet Brady is still a prick.

Glad to see him gone from the NFL - although this does hurt the Jets, as there is one less veteran QB to go around which will drive up competition for guys the Jets are looking at.

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