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5 hours ago, Hael said:

Makes sense.  There's not really a team that is primed for a superbowl, that is 1 qb away like TB was a few years ago.  SF is probably the closest thing to that, but they have two young qbs and are probably not interested.

This likely makes the competition for qb even tighter in the NFL, so it will drive up the price on whatever we get.

I don’t think this changes anything for us. We weren’t getting Brady and there were only a couple of teams possible for Rodgers anyways. The only team that scares me is the Raiders since they have DA. Other than them, I think the only way he doesn’t come to New York is if he retires and honestly, Brady retiring is actually a motivator for Rodgers to keep playing. He is one year removed from 2 straight MVPs. 

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