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Derek Carr would be terrible here


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So would Mike White be if he was allowed to play all the time like Carr. Carr is 32 next month. Past his prime years, and he certainly was never prime rib.
32 year old "past his prime" Geno Smith says hi ...

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That's what you're missing.  Given the circumstances, Carr achieved more with less than tons of other QB's would have.  QB is the main thing, but not the only thing.  Matthew Stafford was a failure when he had a trash supporting cast.  The support got better and he won a ring.  Talent matters from 1-53, not just 1.
Stafford was far far far far from a failure ... Look at his gaudy stats.

I agree that Carr is a poor man's Stafford.

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On 2/2/2023 at 8:17 PM, JETS SB said:

For so many reasons, he would be a bad fit here. Not saying he is a bad QB. I just don’t think he fits this system and this city and this fan base. 

1) 0-7 in games 37 degrees or lower. Our playoff matchups, if we want to make it anywhere in the AFC are Buffalo, Kansas City and Cincinnati, all cold weather cities playing in outdoor stadiums, not even mentioning playing in NE and Buffalo during the regular season, plus obviously playing here. Also saw a stat where he was 3-17 in games under 50 degrees. Though I didn’t verify that one.  

2) We would have to invest more in him than any of the other guys and we could be stuck with a huge terrible contract. At least we know Rodgers is likely here for 2 or 3 years and gone. Much more risk to our future in Derek Carr. 

3) Seems like a good dude, but the crying at the press conference would be destroyed by the press and the fan base here, especially if the team isn’t winning. He just doesn’t seem like a New York kind of guy. Hate Aaron all you want, he will stand up there, and give/take sh*t. 

4) He is just not a winner. Has never won a playoff game. Would rather have Jimmy G’s ability as lesser QB talent, but a winner in this system. 

I think the draft pick compensation in a trade, if that’s how it goes down, is a big deal. If we don’t have to give up much, then maybe it wouldn’t be terrible, but his contract will be a big one and one that will strap us for a long time, unlike the other options. Rodgers is very short term and Jimmy G wouldn’t cost us anywhere near as much. 

Yes, we don’t want talented players on the Jets. We love to whine, bitch and moan.

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