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My thoughts on Rodgers


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5 hours ago, bitonti said:

hugely overpaid,



annoying as a person



he's washed as a QB,

LOL, no


it would be a perfect Jets pickup 

Better than O'Donnell, Favre, Tebow.  I'll take 2 yrs of Rodgers whilst the Jets call Blues Clues for help finding a QB recruit

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6 hours ago, bitonti said:

Sure he can live his life. Am I not allowed to find certain people annoying? 

Rodgers engages in pretentious pseudo-intellectualism.

just eat some mushrooms and go watch Dune IMAX like everyone else

Like no one's thought about this stuff before him. He's like the guy who googles a topic and thinks he's smarter than scientists

let's be real he's probably going to be a Jet so we're going to find ways to love him. His act will probably wear thin by Week 8 

did you actually eat shrooms and watch Dune in IMAX?

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