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2022 Blitz % vs. Pressure %

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6 hours ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

Maybe if we blitzed a bit more those pressures could have turned into sacks.  Given the talent we had at corner and some of the QBs we faced, I think we should have seen an extra guy or two a bit more often.

Alot of those pressures were cover pressures. Everyone covered with the QB having to hold on to the ball longer given the DL more time to get after the QB. Going by the chart it was highly effective as it's the offenses 4 or 5  targets vs our 7 cover guys. 

For all we know blitzing more than 14% could have exposed us more with the QB looking to get it out sooner to the vacanted area. Being that we rarely blitzes it possible came as a shock when we did so. 

But as you mention it's safe to generalize that an inexperience or backup level QBs would have had a tougher time picking up a blitz front. 

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We should stay conservative until we have an offense that shows us it's not the end of the world if the NYJ get involved in quick scoring games.  At that time we can reconsider our options, By the way, I think closer analytics will show that the pass rush was more or less consistent against good or bad QBs; that's my recollection of the season at any rate.

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